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Donate to support Nature Education for All!

For the first time ever, Wild Folk has decided to launch a large-scale fundraiser to support our unique and urgent work! Please help us reach our goal with a tax-deductible donation:

We are raising funds so that we can provide scholarships and transportation for underserved and low-income youth and families. We want to bring outdoor adventures and nature education to as many people as possible - especially those who may have the least access. We believe that all children need to connect with the natural world so they can grow into ecologically-minded citizens. It is clear that our Earth needs a generation of nature lovers and protectors! Please help us reach our goal.

The money from this fundraiser will go to providing scholarships for low-income families, free and low-cost programming for the community at large, and to cover the cost of Big Red, our new school van! Big Red will allow us to provide free transportation and serve more families!

For more information about Wild Folk and our Farm & Forest School, please visit:

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