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Founded in 2015, Wild Folk is dedicated to cultivating love and kinship with the more-than-human world as well as our fellow human travelers. Through a deep, place-based connection & a commitment to peace & justice, we strive to show up as compassionate, empowered, ecologically-minded citizens. Our current focus is on local, wild-crafted, & ethically sourced plant medicine as well as ecologically-sound, handmade crafts. (You can see our seasonal offerings here).
For the past few years, we have offered unique & transformative programs designed to help lead students down a path of discovery, greater self-reliance, mindfulness, community-building, & mutual aid. We've run a year-round Forest School, herbalism workshops, citizen science projects, & other programs based on our community’s resources & needs.
Our work continues to be grounded in a deep love, reverence and curiosity for the natural world & all of its inhabitants. We are bound together as a community of seekers, organizers, educators, artists, & dreamers who love to wrestle with big questions as much as we love to sink our toes in a muddy creek.
You can read more about our forest school's history & staff here.
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