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 Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. 

 – Gary Snyder 


Join us

this spring!

March 2327, 2020

Ages 6+

Our beloved Spring Break Camp is back, providing special day-long outdoor programs to all kids in our community while local schools are closed. Wild Folk offers nourishing and healing outdoor time, experienced and caring staff, joyous adventures, new friendships, and special wilderness and craft activities. And to boot, your tuition supports our scholarship program!


The 2020 Spring Break Camp runs:

MondayFriday, March 2327, 2020

9am—3pm @ Jade Green Farm (11461 Callahan Creek Road)

You can sign up for as many days as you like.

Tuition: $40/ day

Scholarships are available! Please reach out if you need financial aid.

We welcome kids ages 6+ years old


We can provide free transportation from/to central Columbia

Please sign up to reserve your spot. Space is limited.

More information...

About our pedagogy: Wild Folk mentorship is based on mutual respect and kind communication. We seek to respect diverse needs, appreciate kids' changing moods, and welcome conflict as an opportunity for growth. We practice peaceful conflict resolution, and ask individuals to make compromises that allow a large group to function as a community. Last off, while we encourage wildness and discovery, we are firm and insistent when it comes to safety.

Weather: our camp takes place during a notoriously unpredictable time of year in a very dynamic climate! However, having run our year-round school for 5 years now, we feel very confident about our "weather the weather" policy; this means that we don't think there is "bad weather", as much as poor planning. In order to enjoy the outdoors in a variety of weather, we need you to help prepare your kids, mentally and physically. PLEASE attend to the supply list below so your kids can enjoy all kinds of weather!

However, we are not foolhardy and do not dismiss the possibility of dangerous weather! In the event of severe weather and dangerous road conditions, we will need to cancel the camp and will offer a full refund. However, if it's simply very cold, rainy, or snowing, we will march on (and will not refund tuition). Our camp provides a large indoor space and other sheltered spaces for playing and warming up; and, we will be happy to have an opportunity to teach interested kids about shelter-building, fire-making, and other survival skills. Warming fire, yummy food and drink, stories and songs, and fun games will help kids have fun and develop grit no matter what the weather brings!

You may also want to check out some of our other youth programs — such as our Camp True/Folk (during True/False Film Fest) and our Summer Camps.

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