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Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

 – John Muir



Check back for Summer


Ages 6+

Give your kids the gift of an unforgettable summer adventure full of wonder, empowerment, skill-building, and wholesome fun!


Join us for fun-filled, ecologically-minded excursions as we explore cool creeks, exciting caves, and sparkling shaded forests during the summer heat.

Wild Folk offers big, joyous adventures with a group of friends in the great outdoors. Time outside deeply nourishes children’s confidence and emotional balance, and yet so many children have fewer opportunities to explore wilderness. Summer is the perfect time to reignite our children’s connection to their bodies and to the land, and to support imaginative play and cooperative adventuring.

Together with experienced mentors, kids will explore the wealth of beautiful natural areas in and around Columbia, while sharing practices of mindfulness, non-violent communication, and wilderness skills. In addition, our mentors support children’s curiosity and self-expression by offering a variety of explorations, crafts, music, stories, and theater games. We value the many intelligences and abilities of each child, and seek to nurture each individual’s passions and talents.

We welcome kids ages 6+ years to join us; and or kids ages 13+ years, we offer "assistant mentor" leadership opportunities. Scholarships are also available. Please contact us for more info.

Please check back in for summer 2020!

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