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Free transportation! Meet Big Red!

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

We’d like to introduce you to Big Red—the newest member of the Wild Folk family—our spiffed-up 15-passenger van which will provide FREE transportation for city kids to get to the farm and forest!

While we wish we had an even more ecological option, Big Red does allow us to lessen our impact and cut down on dozens of individual cars driving. Bussing also saves parents time and provides flexibility; and very importantly, it allows us to provide more access to low-income families. We can’t wait to fill Big Red with the joyous laughter, magical daydreams, & heartfelt conversations of children from across our city! We’re excited that Big Red will allow us to include a more diverse group of kids in our year-round Farm & Forest School and our Community Camp Days when public schools are closed but parents still have work. (And lots of other adventures too!). Big Red is a big boost—and also a big investment! We’re launching a GoFundMe fundraiser soon to help cover the additional cost of transportation and scholarships. Amidst all the many worthy causes, we hope you’ll consider donating to Wild Folk to help more kids connect with the natural world and to nurture the next generation of compassionate, empowered, creative, liberated citizens! Please help us spread the word!

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