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friends, future friends,

and neighbors near and far:

We are excited to hear from you, to scheme and dream together,

and to figure out how to collaborate.

There are many ways to be part of

our community!

We are currently enrolling youth ages 5-14 years old for our Forest School. Our program runs September through May. Please contact us for more information & to apply Also, we are also offering Community Camp Days on CPS days off, a summer camp, and adult education classes.


Wild Folk is seeking interns to work with Wild Folk. We are looking for students who enjoy being with children, want to share their skills and passions, and want to work towards a more just, peaceful, and equitable world.


Come support Wild Folk's mission to bring exciting educational opportunities to our community. There is always work to be done and adventures to be had. We love help with everything from gardening to building to dreaming up new projects!


We believe in mutual aid and building strong community ties. Do you have a skill or passion that you would like to share with local youth &/ adults? Do you have a workshop, materials, or tools that you would like to offer? Let's figure out how we can work together!


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